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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I am going, to be honest with everyone right from the start. The worst way to attempt to get me to follow you is to send me a message prompting me to do so because you have followed me, or you think you are all that and a bag of chips as well.

Unless I have reached the limit of how many people I can follow each day, my eyes are tired, or I am not even online, I always make it a point to follow those who follow me. So, if I don’t follow back as quickly as you think I should, please do not think I am being rude. I am legally blind, so my eyes can only take and do so much.

It used to take me less than an hour to write things the size of the piece that I posted last night, but now it takes me three days. I also used to be very good at speed reading. But now, I struggle to read greeting cards. But, I have always loved to read and write and majored in English language and literature in college, so it’s a struggle to give it all up.

Anyway, be patient with me, and I will follow you and respond to your comments, even if it takes me a week or so later to do it.



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Michelle Rostykus

Michelle Rostykus

Mother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, cousin, friend; love being a chamberlain and courtier to my six-year-old Brindled American Shorthair and living in the country